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Hi, I'm Toby!

Developing software.
Designing applications.
Capturing moments.

From the blog

I love writing an so I decided to share things that I've learned or think are worth sharing. Below you'll find my latest three articles. If you want to see all, go to my blog page!

Best frontend stack for 2021

May I introduce you to the best tech stack to use in 2021? Today we combine NextJS, TailwindCSS and HeadlessUI for a production ready base for your next application. We'll go through the setup, configuration and how I am using this stack.

Deploy PostgreSQL to your Kubernetes cluster

In this article we'll go through the process of deploying a stateful PostgreSQL server on your Kubernetes cluster. We will be writing the deployment files by ourselves and won't use predefined helm charts.

Kubernetes deprecates Docker - What now?

Kubernetes has just released that they will be dropping the support for Docker as a container runtime after v1.20. Let's see, why there is no reason to panic!